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X-10 is a great inexpensive way to get into home automation. It is very easy to setup and get around. There are all different kinds of hardware options available (powerline, wireless, video, etc...). I have played a little bit with some X-10 products, I used some of the powerline stuff to turn my Christmas lights on and off. You can read more about the basic products at www.x10.com/automation/index.html there are lots of other web sites related to these items.

My interest is not in the regular powerline products, I was specifically looking for the some wireless options. I did some research and found the WGL Long Range RF - X10 PC Receiver this unit will do what I want. I went with the long range wireless unit because I don't want to have any reception issues. I just want it to work. www.aartech.ca/product_info.php/products_id/248/W800RF32A.html. This is item already has Misterhouse support, which is a must. After doing some shopping at this Canadian online e-store I found a pile of other cool stuff. www.aartech.ca/index.php/cPath/78_27 I purchased a couple of the wireless motion sensors. I put one of them in my garage and it emails my cell phone everytime it is triggered, I should probably setup a schedule so it doesn't email me when we are home. That is another project. Here are some pictures of the items that I picked up. Most of them were on sale.

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So I got my X-10 stuff in the mail and started configuring. There is an application (rf32.exe) that you can install on a Windows box that will help you test your new wireless stuff. It helps you confirm your port settings and make sure everything is connected correctly. Now you will need to do a bit of research to see how the W800RF32 device talks to Misterhouse, check out X10_W800RF.pm in the lib subfolder. Once you get that going you need to decided what you are going to control with your wireless remote. Most of the remotes have an off and on button for each device that it controls, I found this to be a waste of buttons so I wrote my script to toggle a device state with every button.


if ($state eq "xa1aj") {
   if (active $sprinkler_zone2_timer){ (won't turn on if already running)
      $front_lawn_go = 2;
      if ($zone2_display > 0) {
         $watering_trigger = 'manual remote control watering'; (this is for logging)
         $front_lawn_go = 1; (this triggers front lawn to turn on)
          print_log "$watering_trigger watering for front lawn has been bypassed.";



Here is how my motion sensor is configured. This was just a test, seems to be working well.


if ($state eq "xb1bj") {
   if ($recent_trigger eq 1) {
      # Bypassing
   } else {
      $recent_trigger = 1;
      print_log "This is from the motion sensor $Time_Date";
      net_mail_send to => $config_parms{cell_phone},
      subject => 'Alarm',
      text => "The motion sensor in the garage has been triggered $Time_Date.";
      set $motion_timer (2*60);

if (expired $motion_timer) {
   $recent_trigger = 0;

Have fun with this stuff, there is alot of cool things you can do. Make sure you spend some time at www.aartech.ca.


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