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Golf Cart

03/05 2008:
Golf Cart Lights

My brother in law, Sheldon just bought a newer gold cart to replace his old one. He, my sister and family have a seasonal camp site 45 minutes out of the city and while they are out there they use the golf cart for getting around the campground. So my task is to put lights on the cart for nighttime driving. I also have some fun ideas for some other lights. I think I am going to pimp the cart out a bit.


The Project:

  • install headlights
  • install marker lights
  • install backup light
  • ground effect kit
  • electronics to turn the lights off and on only when driving
  • turn the backup light on when in reverse
  • maybe a horn of some type



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13/05 2008:
Finishing the project

So I took a couple of days to get this project done. It took me a while to figure out how I did this last time. Once I figured out the wiring, I started to mount the lights and run the wires.


  • I installed headlights which are on while driving
  • Backup light, headlights turn off and backup light turns on
  • Tail and marker lights that stay on when driving