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Roofing Project

Roofing Project

So here is one of those projects that I was dreading. I really wanted to get it done, or more specifically have it done. I have no problem paying someone to shingle my roof, I just knew that a roofer isn't going to look for any problems, he is going to just slap down some new shingles and give me a bill.


I have had water damming since I bought the house and I can see evidence of other people trying to fix the water problems, so know this is nothing new. I needed to get up there and check it out for myself. So my good buddy Wolfgang gave me a hand and we did the deed.


I hired two ex-roofers to put the shingles (Fergus and Kevin), Nicholas, Christopher, Sean, Miranda and Christina helped clear off the roof and prep for new shingles. Wolfgang and I just fixed all the stupid problems. We hopefully corrected the water damming problem by putting insulation in the attic (the guy that put my addition on was an idiot). We used ice and water shield on all of the valleys and starter row, and we papered the the rest of the roof.


We also added a power vent, repaired the broken rafter tails and extended some of the eaves. The project went really well (except for the rain) and I want to thank everyone that helped out.

So my 2 1/2 year old son was going crazy to see what daddy's was doing. He wanted to come up the latter and check things out. I said sure, assuming that he would go up 3 rungs and get scared. He climbed to the top with out thinking about it and proceeded to check out the roofing job. Once he was satisfied with the progress, we continued on with our work....