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What I am thinking about...

I have a serious problem in that I can never just have one thing on the go. I am usually working on one or two projects at any moment, but I am planning four others. It consumes me. I over plan, half the time I have no idea what I am doing and don't want to make any stupid mistakes. I also want to make sure I don't close any doors by not looking at all of the options before I start.


So yes I am working on other stuff, but some of these are getting close to completion, which frees up my brain cycles to think about:


Newest are at the top...

Concept List:

HTML Code From File List
Image Resizer and Copy
Recycling Sorter
Job Jar
File Email Software
Horse Race Board Game

27/02 2009:
HTML Code From File List

Software to scan a folder or series of folders and report the changes to a html web page. So you could post latest additions to your music collection on your web site. Or maybe produce links of your photo updates. There would be a thousand different uses.


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22/02 2009:
Image Resizer and Copy

I need some software that will deal with my Canon digital camera. I keep a repository on my server with all of our pictures. I then take these pictures and correct the orientation and resize so they can be uploaded to my coppermine server. So here are the things that I would like the script to do:


  • Copy images from camera card to proper folders on server (113CANON, 114CANON, etc...)
  • Correct the orientation (displayed properly from slide show)
  • Resize new copy to specified size (1024x768) in new folder


This sounds like a simple process but I am not a great programmer. If I do complete this project I will probably write it with Autoit. There are some very usefull tools out there like ImageMagick.


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01/08 2008:
Recycling Sorter

Have you ever gone to a recycling place to return your cans and drink bottles? There are usually several employees sorting and counting large garbage bags full of these items. This usually is a painful process. It takes what seems like forever for some of these people to get through the customers in front of you.


I was thinking there may be a better way of automatically / electronically sorting these items. You could walk up and dump your bag of crap into a large hopper and press the go button and it counts your items and spits out some money.


So what would it need to do:

  • Sort different types of items (cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles of different sizes and shapes)
  • Be able to determine what price range each item is in (500ml - 10, 750ml - 20, etc)
  • Dispense money or receipt or some type


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15/04 2008:
Job Jar

I was thinking about my various lists of stuff to do laying around the house and was thinking would be a good idea to have an electronic copy of the list. I have done this before where I put my list into a spread sheet. This works but is still just a list. I would like to have it incorporated into Misterhouse. As Misterhouse is always being used in our house so I don't have to open some other application which contains the list. Plus it would be cool to have some other functionality. Here is what I have so far.


Job Criteria:

  • List of jobs to do
  • Length of time to complete
  • Cost
  • Personal priority (1 - me, 5 - my wife)
  • Seasonal priority (if applicable)
  • Enjoyment

So you could ask the software to choose a job for you based on the above criteria and some randomness. It could keep track of how many crappy jobs you did and throws in a fun one. Maybe two short jobs and then a big one. Maybe on the month of your wifes birthday you gets all of the jobs high on her priority list... You get the idea. Plus it would also be nice to incorporate scheduling of tasks (change furnace filter, blow out sprinklers, etc...)


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13/04 2008:
File Email Software

I was thinking today about a fun way to send emails to friends that contain an attachment or series of attachments. These emails could be send over a period of days or weeks until all of the files have been sent.


I wanted to share my latest CD with a buddy of mine. I thought he would get a kick out of it. So I was thinking that I could just email him the songs from the disc. This would work but might be kinda large, even if it was converted to mp3. So I though it might be a neat idea to send him one song a day.


Here is what I have come up with so far:


  • select a folder on a network connected computer that contains the files to be sent (mp3, jpg, etc...)
  • enter in email addresses that you are going to send the files to
  • frequency (days, weeks, hours)
  • message that will go with email
  • variables (frequency count, file name, day, date)
  • ability to select the correct file extension if the folder contains more than one file type


Of course I would build it with Misterhouse. If you are unaware feel free to read more about it here.

Could also be used to automatic backups or send out a newsletter or joke of the day...


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07/06 2009:
File Email Software - Continued

Been thinking a little more about this one. Here are some other random notes:

  • List of files in the selected folder (sub folders) with the ability to check off the items that you want to send - may not want to send all files from an album
  • Acceptance email - before any files are sent the initial email should ask the recipient if they would actually like to receive the files - this should be automatic so when a reply is sent it will automatically start sending or not
  • Should be able to track several different schedules at the same time so you could be sending several different things at the same time to different people

13/04 2008:
Horse Race Board Game

Not sure if you know about the horse race board game. It is a fun game that involves cards, dice, money and eleven horses. I was thinking about making the board for the horse race game.


The basic game already exists:


The wooden game works well, I thought it would be cool to build one that automatically moves the game pieces and has some sound effects.


Here are the specs:

  • 11 horsesrace in a straight line or around a track
  • horses can be attached or magnetic
  • ability to enter amount of rolled dice (total of 2 dice - 2 to 12)
  • sound effects when the race starts, finishes and when a horse moves
  • when the race completes, the horses need to reset


So need to be able to:

  • move the game pieces (motor, electronics)
  • add game piece movements to determine winner
  • play audio files
  • receive keypad inputs and make appropriate calculations


My original thoughts was a USB board that plugs into a laptop or something to make it run. It would be nice to have this thing work on its own but needs to be fairly simple. I don't want to spend $500 to make this thing run. Maybe could build it with software and have a small computer built in (palm or something).

I was also thinking that the board could be used for other games because it is just software.  I am in the process of research different types of electronic controller boards from robot kits to see if one of these will do everything that I need.


Feel free to send a comment or question about this project.

Did a little more thinking about this one... My buddy Trevor thought I should just pull some motors out of CD Rom drives to move the horses. They are cheap, low voltage, small and readily available (I own a computer shop). Still thinking about different options for the CPU. Would be nice to use a computer, but needs to be small, consume a small amount of power and be reliable. That's all for now.